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Micron can suck my balls!

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So, a month ago I ordered the new Micron Ultralight Carbon Fiber High Mount 400mm slip-on from Daniel and the boys at Solo. Soon after I put the order in, Daniel calls me and says "Micron has these on backorder. They said it would be a month or so". Ok, that's cool. I can wait a month to get exactly what I want. A month rolls by and I hear nothing, so I decided to call Micron to see what the hold-up was. After all, why would they market something to distributors that they didn't have yet? So I get Micron "customer service" on the phone. Maybe it's because we are spoiled by the kick ass service that our sponsors give us, but these guys were complete assholes! Not only did they not have an answer for me, but they acted like I was insane for even asking the question. So then I ask them why they would market something they didn't have in stock. They said they were at the mercy of the plant in England and I would get my pipe when I got it. Now furious, I asked for a ballpark figure. "Another month, maybe three. What do you want to hear?" I want to fucking hear that I don't have to wait 4 fucking months for my fucking pipe! :furious :veryangry :furious What do you think I want to hear? So I hung up on the douche bag and called Daniel to cancel my order. I ended up getting a Two Brothers C2 carbon fiber high mount with the magnesium cap. I know I'll like it, but I wanted to keep the passenger pegs. Oh well, I can probably fab something in a few minutes.

BTW, pics to come next week when I FINALLY get my new exhaust.
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damn son, that sucks, I have a micron high mount and I called them up to get a repacking kit and some gaskets and they were cool about it, maybe you got a dickhead on the phone, you should get him fired....or shoot him.....or pay me to.....
I talked to them twice. 2 different people. I was really trying to be nice, but towards the end of both conversations I got angry. I don't think it was me being a prick, but maybe I was. Either way, they seemed like I was wasting their time.
That sucks!

I called micron a while ago and the guy i talked to was cool as hell. After he answered my question we were just talking bikes for a good 20 mins. You must have had some bad apple there.
all us brits must have got the ultralites first:lol
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