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Messed Around with Settings

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im 205lbs and put about 400 miles on my new 06 r6, the suspension was stock and felt wierd. This is my first bike so i thought i just have to get use to it, but the more i drove the more abnormal the bike felt. If i braked hard the front end would just dive and it pissed me off. So today i decided to stiffen everything up. Front preload is on the 3rd groove stock was 1, both compression and rebound were hardened by 4 clicks. The rear i stiffened by 2 setting and the compression and roubound were stiffened by 2. I took the bike for a quick spin and i love it. What are some of you heavier guys using for suspension settings. Ive been reading for the past hour or so and every1 says get stiffer springs, ok great but i dont plan on tracking this thing as im a newbie, i just wanna have some fun on the streets.
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I weigh about the same and I just used the sport rider suggested settings until I can get some help getting my sag and whatnot setup correctly...
where are the sport rider settings?
Hey, i have an 03, and im about 160 and i noticed when i brake hard, or turn the throttle pretty much wide open after moveing, it doesnt matter.. it jerks around a good bit (more the its supposed to) and i was wondering if anyone has some good settings for an 03 r6 for a guy around 160-70
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