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Here's some snaps from the May Meet :-

Hope I've got all the names right! :thumbup


The 5 star accomodation ... ahem ...

Leighton, Rich and Steve ... good looking bunch eh ?

Joe - normally trouble ... but for some reason on his best behaviour all weekend!

Waiting for Andrzej (late) in Biscester ...

... whilst Shaun (spelt right?) keeps the lads entertained by showing his willy.

V gay matching leathers ... Andy looks embarassed whilst Leighton is tickled pink. Or something.

THE ORGANISERS Steve and Paul ... shame it's all underexposed cus they are a damn good looking pair. Erm ...

Traditional meeting point in Aylesbury Tescos Car Park. The bull$hit is already flowing!

Martin explaining to Nick how HE'D show his willy and how big it would be ...

Slightly cheesy pics of Dan, Paul, Joe and Shaun.

Dan, Andy, Dave and Rik - Aren't they colourful ?

Rich (that's not big or clever), Leighton, Graham, Adam and Tim - bit serious this one.

Chris and Frank with Joe's belly occupying most of the background.

Group shot in Stratford - I think someone is missing here, should be 20!

Lunch at the Rose and Crown ... aren't they good? All on soft drinks.

Andrzej, Andy, Dan and Steve - there's nothing funny about this picture at all.

Dave and Chris - Have you noticed how Dave always has that expression on his face?

I wonder if Rich can actually be photographed without doing that with his fingers ?

What is it with this lot? Here's Joe about to get HIS willy out ... sigh ...

Doing what he does best ... changing the annual may meet broken R6 detent spring! Should have bought a Suzuki.

And it's amazing the crowd he pulls ...

Traditional May Meet head / pocket / bike decoration!

In detail ... beautiful isn't it ? I can supply these for YOUR bike too ... email me.

Loadsa bikes ... now THAT'S beautiful.

Still a few R6s left!

Nearly done, now if I can just get my hand back out of here ...

Er Nick ... you've been caught red handed repositioning that spare turnip on Joe's radiator.

Sorry, didn't mean to upload this picture. Just ignore it.

Unbelieveable. Sorry, I HAD to sensor this picture. And it didn't live up to his earlier claim.

Sunday lunch! How quiet and well behaved we all were ... probably something to do with THAT helicopter a few minutes earlier.

Everyone going home ... sigh ... end of another fantastic weekend. Roll on May Meet 2K6!

Thanks again all. It was fab.

And v special thanks to Joe for not getting us kicked out of the Chinese this year.


GiXXer VVanker
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Bigger Group Pic

For the more aged amongst us with failing eyesight etc, here's a bigger group shot :-


Steve is missing on this - there was supposed to be 20! There's a prize if you can spot him ...

The detail, again applogies if I've got any details wrong :-

1 - Rich (non board member)
2 - Rik (quickrik)
3 - Leighton (non board member)
4 - Andrzej (topaz)
5 - Joe (r1spy)
6 - Dan (bumpy)
7 - Adam (non board member)
8 - Martin (gos6)
9 - Paul (non board member)
10 - Andy (r6pilot)
11 - Shaun (non board member)
12 - Dan (rvfdan)
13 - Frank (non board member)
14 - Dave (lowy)
15 - Chris (evo)
16 - Tim (non board member)
17 - Graham (r6grummy)
18 - Paul (TheSlaYYer)
19 - Nick (trickster)
20 - Steve (steptoe190) - HIDING!


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And there was me thinking you would have deleted that photo completely.

Some good pics and more to follow, once I have worked out how to upload my pics to a new hosting site.

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14 - Dave (davedidntdoit)
My group names actually lowy, wish I'd thought of davedidntdoit though....

Great Pics its good we have detent springs to fix, otherwise we'd be too hung over at the start of the ride...

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Trackday would be great idea, maybe Cadwell ??????? Kind of Central to most people and I'm sure a few of the track day organisers may be able to sort some of discount

Chegwin's mate
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Well, I organised the last R6MN trackday at Cadwell, and to be fair, it's not THAT central!

I'll probably put up a poll when the time comes, but I've heard plenty of people suggesting Brands. Like I say, I'll be leaving it up to the masses to vote.

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Would had been fun to join in, but even if it weren't for the knackered wrist, i had a mate over for the weekend.

r6mn trackday sounds like a great plan, and I'd definitely be up for it. I'm off to sweden for two weeks just when I'm due to have full strength/mobility back in the wrist, so will be unlikely to join if it's before aug 1st.

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heres a question..if anyone remembers my bike. Did any of the bikes at the met have exhausts that wouldnt pass the noise limits at some tracks???
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