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Low rpm misfire/stall

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Out of nowhere I went to take off from a stoplight today and it stumbled & cut out like crazy. Once I got the rpm's up it ran fine. Next stoplight it stalled when I came to a stop. Just replaced the plugs 800 miles ago. The ignition coils show no sign of arcing. I just washed it and thought maybe something got wet, or maybe bad gas since I had just filled it. At idle it runs like it's missing. Any ideas on what could cause this? Could a coil just go out completely? It is an 03 and i am aware of the coil problems, but the insulator's are fine. I have a set on order from the dealer anyway. This could totally ruin the weekend seeing how I'm suposed to be taken out this cute little hottie tonight.....
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Recall on the denso ignition coils on all 2003 R6's. Go to your local yamaha dealer and get them replaced for free with the newer mitsubishi coils. I think its technical bulletin 2003-016 or something like that.

Edit: D'oh! Didnt read your post fully, get the coils changed anyway
same problem im in too... i've been reading up and going to do a TPS cleaning. i suggest the same to you.
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