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LONGER lasting tires?

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i ride the R6 ALOT, daily driver, rain, freezing, 110*, everyday. so i rack alot of miles on it. and im going threw tires like crazy, every few months. ive been running the stock dunlop 208s. currently the front is worn down to a slick and the rear i looked today is well worn (past wear bars) AGAIN! i just replaced the damn thing.
are there any harder/longer lasting tires out there? do bike tires have the compound rating on them like car tires? (ie like 160-220 for soft and 480 hard etc)
i do ride agressive (ie no chicken strips) but on the street only. not a track bike at all.
what do you guys recomend? this is getting expensive.

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Pirelli makes a tire called the Diablo Strada, I believe. It's a sport-touring tire, and it's gotten some pretty decent reviews. Grip is OK, but they're supposed to last a bit longer.

Michelin and Dunlop probably make a line of sport-touring tires as well, but I'm not sure. Just don't get anything too hard if you're still planning to ride agressively.
Don't Pilot Powers have a strip of harder compound rubber down the middle and soft rubber on the shoulders to give longer straight-line wear and great cornering grip??
hmm that woul be great. anyone know for sure?
look for some Bridgstone Battleax BTO20's Or Pilot Roads. The BS's came on my FJR and I've put over 8000 on them. The cold/wet traction is less then Pilot Powers do to the harder compound but the overall compromise well worth it.
hmm that woul be great. anyone know for sure?
They are called Pilot Power C2's. If you're doing through 208s, which lasted me almost 7K miles, I'd say you probably get less than your 208s on these. Could be wrong though.
Dunlop d220 or any sport touring tire like Strada,Pliot Road, Metzeler Roadtech will all work great.
MZ6 do 10,000 miles with 90% of grip of a PP tire, they have like extra rubber on them-I might even get a pair because 99% of the time you don't need PP outstanding grip.
keep the suggestions coming!
MZ6? who makes that?
Metzeler Z6, Michelin Pilot Road, Bridgestone BT020, Pirelli Diablo Strada, and Avon makes a loooooooong lasting sport touring tyre, can't think of what it's called.
keep the suggestions coming!
MZ6? who makes that?
I'm almost certain he means the Metzeler Z6.
I burned through my rear 208 in 3k miles. I have 2800 on my Powers and at this rate they will last me 6k or so miles... I ride very agressively. Maybe im wrong but with 2800 miles on this tire it has very little wear.
sunofwolf said:
MZ6 do 10,000 miles with 90% of grip of a PP tire, they have like extra rubber on them-I might even get a pair because 99% of the time you don't need PP outstanding grip.
Hard to believe it until it's tested. I'd look for reviews on this rubber first... I got PP's right now with about 3k miles, and I am estimating about 3500 miles out of these rubbers, but I work them pretty hard. For added mileage you will obviously be giving up grip, so just be careful if you plan on riding hard on these tires...
I will stay with PP tires though, i don't ride every day. The problem is a great tire could save your butt.
It depends on how you ride. Some people will wear Tyre X in 6000 miles, while others will burn off X after 10,000 miles.

For example, some say their stock Gay-0-8's lasted them 6,000 miles. My 208 rear just went flat at 3200, I couldn't even roll the bike out of the storage unit.

All the sport touring tyres I posted have plenty of reviews on other sites, and on boards like this. Just use the names and run a google search.

Grip ain't too bad on those, I know people that have done a track day on Bridgestone 020's, and I read that the grip level of Diablo Strada's are not far off from the regular Diablo.

Your mileage may vary, literally.
i have somewhere in the range of 6-8k on my PP's and that includes 3 track days. these tires are great and have taken a lot of abuse. i tend to ride them pretty hard and do the occasional burnout here and there. i would estimate i still have at least another 1k-1.5k left on them. seeing as i'm not yet on the wear bars.
I ran the 208s 3 times and never got more than 4000 miles out of them. I now have the Metzeler m1s which are a TON stickier and warm up almost instantly and my riding is always the same and they have 3000 on them and around half life with a huge burnout on em. Just my experience, my friend had the pilot powers and got real good mileage out of them but if you want one that gets good milage you basically need to get a touring tire with a harder compound, you will sacrafice grip but you will be able to ride longer. Personally I will stay with the m1s or the m3s because they offer superior grip and last pretty good. If I were you I would just get the PP or the M3s because tehy are really sticky and last a long time considering how much grip they offer. Other than that you will get touring tires that dont offer too much confidence when cornering, its either one or the other, you cant have both.
I have PP's on my R6 with about 1K on the rear. Just replaced the front again 200 miles ago due to a cut. That sucked but oh well. I will get 7-8K miles from these at the rate I am wearing them(lots of high speed cornering and also no chicken strips, with commuting on the highway). These are alot stickier but won't last as long as the 207's I had.

I have used Michelin Macadam 90's (the front tire feathered and the rear didn't last 5K), Dunlop GT501 (front tire still goin like new, rear tire wasted), and now I got a Dunlop D205 on the rear (This is a really nice tire, but it is quickly wearin down the middle like all others). Now all of these tires are sport touring tires I have used on my FJ1200, not the R6. The FJ shows no mercy on rear tires.

Any way, I would check out the Dunslop D205's.
I tried a BT020 and was really unhappy with it. It wore poorly, becuase it's so hard that it spun really often for me.

And yes, the FJ is really terribly hard on tires. With a BT020 and riding fairly aggressively with a passenger, it still takes all day to get warmed up.

Loved the BT56's that I had but the front cupped (another thing FJ's are notorious for) and the rear was fine, was fine, was fine, and in about 200 miles went from just okay to cords showing. (Was a hot day on fresh asphalt at high speed for a longish time.)
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