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Hi Everyone. As you all know, Moto GP is in a few weeks, and in honor of that, we will be providing a large discount to forum members.

If you're attending Moto GP, be sure to stop by our booth and say hi. We'll be set up as a vendor the entire weekend.

For the sale, we're offering 30% off everything on our website. Shipping is still free. This sale ends July 21 (meaning July 20 is the last day to purchase). This sale is only advertised here. It will not be advertised in the banner ads. Use the coupon code "MotoR6".

If you want to take advantage of the sale, I encourage you to do so. Get a kit for your car, get one for your friend, and get one as a mantle piece.

With this sale, there is a catch. All orders will be shipped out starting July 7 - The Week before Moto GP. This way, you can get your bike set up before Moto GP.

For those who are not familiar with our products, here is a quick guide.

We manufacture only top quality HID kits, CCFL Halos, and LED products.

Our HID kits are all using high quality, fully waterproof, compact digital ballasts. We do not make large magnetic ballasts. There is no "upgrade" to a better kit, all our kits are the best.

We have 2 HID kits - 35W and 50W. All HID's bulbs are available in the following colors:

3,000K - Gold
4,300K - Stock Color
6,000K - Pure White (no blue)
8,000K - White w/hint of blue
10,000K - Blue
12,000K - Purple
We also have Green, and Pink (these are special order).

Remember, we are the manufacturer of these HID kits, and these are the correct color descriptions.

The 1999 - 2002 R6 uses 2 H4 bulbs for low beam and high beam. Since H4 bulbs use halogen bulbs, and HID bulbs do not, there are 3 different options for H4 bulbs:

H4 no high beam - This is a single HID bulb with no high beam option.
H4 w/halogen high beam - This is a single HID bulb for low beam with a standard halogen bulb for high beam.
H4 bi-xenon - This is a single HID bulb with a motorized shield that redirects the HID light to the high beam area when the high beams are engaged.

The 2003 - 2008 R6 uses 1 H7 bulb for low beam, and 1 H7 bulb for high beam.

The Lite Eyes 35W HID Kit is 250% brighter than the stock 55W halogen bulb, and the Lite Eyes 50W HID kit is 43% brighter than the 35W HID kit.

Here is what is included in the HID kits.

--- 35W Double HID Kit ---

• (2) Lite Eyes 35W Compact Aluminum HID Ballasts
• (2) Lite Eyes 35W HID Bulbs
• Mounting Hardware
• Installation Instructions
• Full 2 Year Warranty

--- 50W Double HID Kit ---

• (2) Lite Eyes Compact 50W HID Ballasts
• (2) Lite Eyes 50W HID Bulbs
• (1) Lite Eyes HID Plug and Play Relay Harness
• Mounting Hardware
• Installation Instructions
• Full 2 Year Warranty

Here are some pics of the 35W HID kit.


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We also manufacture CCFL Halos/Angel Eyes. These are true CCFL lights with a fully waterproof, protective housing, fully waterproof inverter, and high quality locking clips. These do not even compare to the lights you see elsewhere. These are made specifically for motorcycle use. These are safe to use with our HID kits. They will not burn out.

What's included in the R6 CCFL Halo Kit:

• (2) Lite Eyes™ 90mm Halos for the left and right headlights.
• (1) Specially designed waterproof inverter
• (1) Miniature toggle switch for easy on/off control
• Installation accessories
• Installation Instructions
• Lifetime Warranty

These are the following colors available:

White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, and UV. (UV is special order).

--- Lite Eyes CCFL Halos ---

Here are some pictures of the halos.

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