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Hi All, my name is Jerome Sands, I am the lead sales manager here at Lite Eyes Inc. We have had an influx of complaints in the last few weeks regarding orders placed with the Moto GP special. As you all know, the Moto GP event was this last weekend. Our online salesperson, Paul, was instructed to post a notice to promote the event, along with a sale on our products. The sale was only to promote the event, and any orders placed with that sale coupon were to be shipped out after the show, not before. It seems there was some confusion, and we've been getting e-mails saying their order hasn't been shipped out in time. We've also sent out mass e-mails indicating to our customers the situation and confusion.

We do not currently have a web salesperson, and I am not very familiar with the forums, and I do apologize for any delay, confusion, or inconvenience cause
to anyone.

We will still honor all orders placed with the discount code. Any Paypal disputes placed, however, will be issued a refund less 15% administration fees. Please do not complain about this, that is just our policy. If you would like a full refund, you can kindly send an e-mail to [email protected] requesting such.

For your current information, orders have begun shipping as of yesterday. if you have received a tracking number for your order in the last few weeks, please check it, as it should be updated. I must ask for your patience, as we do have many orders that need to go out. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. All our contact information is available on our website - www.lite-eyes.com.
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