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We've now development and manufacturing of the 50W HID kit. The bulb is a true 50W HID bulb, and the ballast is a true 50W ballast.

As always, Lite Eyes makes only waterproof compact digital ballasts. No large size magnetic ballasts.

The Dimensions are: 2.5" Long, 4" Wide, and 0.75" High.

The Weight of each ballast is: 10.4oz.

The light output of the 50W HID kit is approx. 4600Lm (Stock 55W halogen bulb is 1400Lm, Lite Eyes 35W HID kit is 3200Lm).

All our HID kits are completely plug and play. There is no wire cutting or splicing necessary.

The 50W kit does draw more power than the 35W kit, and does come with a plug and play relay harness. This provides power to the HID's directly from the battery.

The 50W HID kits are available here. http://www.lite-eyes.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=53

Here are some pics.

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