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HI All,
Just picked up a mint 2002 R6 over th weekend with a hair under 3k miles on it.
It's been garage kept it's entire life and hardly ridden.

Because of this I need to do some maintenance like oil change, coolant flush, battery check.

oil was last changed 1 year ago. i checked the level and it looks new still.
coolant done a couple of years ago atleast if at all.

Anything else I should be worried about? carburetor maintenance?

Tires are original with pleny of tread left but as they are 6+ years old the edges of teh rubber is a little on the hard side. Should I replace these immediately?

Any other suggestions are appreciated.

Haven't ridden for a few years last one being an f4i. Great bike but still getting used to the more aggressive ergonomics of the bike compared to the cbr.

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