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Just a new girl with a stupid question.

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This is a very ridiculous question, so please don't point and laugh/roll your eyes at the computer screen. Here is the deal...I can't remember my fiance's username on here, so I had to create my own to ask this question. He has a 2000 (I think?). Anyhoo...he joined the Marines and is away at Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego for three months. He wrote me a letter saying he wants me to start up his car and bike every few days, so they don't sit all the time. (He was going to teach me to ride his R6 before he left, but I ended up getting a punch biopsy done on my foot-so the stitches were a problem, I couldn't really walk let alone move my foot at all.) So in the letter he gave me basic instructions on how to just start up his bike. Now I've started up his bike a few times since I got the letter, but I'm just nervous that I'm doing it all wrong. He told me to wait until the choke is all the way in, and then rev it a few times. Problem is, I can't get the choke all the way in without killing it. Am I not letting it warm up long enough? I can almost get it all the way in, but then it slows down really fast and dies. It also doesn't seem to warm up as fast as it did when he was here. Usually he would be getting ready to go back to work, and it seemed like after just a few seconds the engine speed would already be rising, so he would have to put the choke in-you know what I mean? Maybe that is just because he had been riding it home for lunch hour, so it was still warm when he started it up to leave? I just don't want to ruin his bike at all, because I know he has had starter problems with it before. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and yes-you can quit chuckling now guys~
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if its been sitting for a while then is gonna take longer to warm up... and if u can get it to start then thats good!! just keep workin the choke so it doesnt cut off... also, if its been sitting for a couple months (i think u said 3) then u might wanna buy a gas can and put some new gas in there :thumbup

good luck and try again... let us kno if it keeps acting up
it just has to idle a bit , the you will be able to turn off the choke. where you at ? im saying this because im sure a member could come by and help you out a little bit. ok i just saw North Dakota , cant have much riding weather up there? when i was young i lived in South dakota brrrr it would get cold up there. maybe a member will drop in here soon, but i dont recall anyone living up there?
Are you moving the choke in the right direction?

It almost sounds as if you are actually applying the choke after the bike is warm and stalling the engine.

Remember, you have to pull the choke lever towards you to start the bike, then once it is warmed up you push it away from you.
Like Nemesis said, if you're moving the choke the right way, it doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong.

How often do you start the bike? The more the bike is run, the better it runs, if that makes sense. So if he was here, riding most days, the bike wouldn't need as long to warm up. Because the bike sits longer between starts now, it'll need to run longer to warm up properly. Incidentally, you should let it run until the temp guage says at least 104 (which is the lowest temp it will display after it says "LO"). It would be even better if you started and let it run until it was closer to 150-180.

And for the record, that's not a stupid question at all. Sounds like you just want to take care of your fiance's stuff while he's away. How can that be bad? :thumbup

Let us know if you have any other quesitons.

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FYI......there is no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people!
My recommendation. Sell the bike, go to the nearest Yamaha dealership and buy an 06 R6 and put a big bow on it, so when he gets home, he never has to worry about the choke again. :)
so you're home all by yourself?:devilwink Maybe I should stop by and help you out:devilwink .....with the choke.........:devilwink :devilwink .........hahah juuuust kidding. Soundsl ike you are doing everything right, just let it idle (don't give it any throttle) until it gets to like 130 degrees, then revv her up a few times and shut her down. Get some new gas in a gas can (regular because 99-02 bikes are made to run on regular unless he says otherwise) and put some in the tank. When you revv it up, don't be afraid to get the dial up to 10-11, it will be loud inside (open a door so you dont die of exhaust inhalation) but it will help keep the bike in good condition. Go do burnouts in his car and that will keep it in great running condition:hyper
TZRaceR6 said:
My recommendation. Sell the bike, go to the nearest Yamaha dealership and buy an 06 R6 and put a big bow on it, so when he gets home, he never has to worry about the choke again. :)
And then come find me cuz you would be the perfect girll.. :thumbup

Like said though, it sounds like you may be moving it in the wrong direction, or you are putting the choke in b4 it warms up enough. I havent messed the a carb r6, but on the other bikes i usually pull the choke just over half start it give it bout 10 seconds or so and push it in a little, let it idle for a little while longer, and then push it all the way in.
No, it hasn't been sitting for three months yet. He is gone for that long of a time, but he has only been gone for one month so far. I got the letter from him and started starting up his bike about two weeks ago. He has Stabil in the tank, if that helps any. I can't remember what the temp got up to when I would start it up, but I looked at the temp gauge and thought, "if only I knew what the temps meant!" Because the only thing Aaron ever taught me about temps, is that Triumphs run really high. His EX-roommate has one, and that bike's temp was higher within seconds of starting, then Aaron's was after running for a really long time. I want to say it was up into the 200s before he would even get on his bike-but I could be wrong, I just know that everyone around here always talks about how high it always is. And there is pretty good riding weather here-I mean, you can ride a motorcycle almost nine months out of the year (unless you are that crazy old guy with the chains on his tires, who will kill himself on the ice eventually) and you can only ride a snowmobile for two months and that's only on a good snow day. That is one of the many reasons he joined the Marines though, is because he will be stationed on one of the coasts if he is in the United States-so he will be able to ride it year round. Now this was kind of pointless, because after awhile he went on to say that he might sell it when we have children. I think I will let him keep it though, because he has just as good of a chance of getting killed in the Marines as he does on his motorcycle-so why not let him enjoy it while he can.
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i start it with the choke fully out
then usually let the choke of as soon as the gauges read a figure
You need to change your name... 1 SLO R6? You are not gonna make too many friends that way :lol
I couldn't think of anything better, it's Aaron's license plate. I made it very clear to him before he got it, that it was a stupid idea-but he thought it would be funny. I wish I could have just found his old username, because I probably could have figured out his password. I found it once before, but now I can't find it again. The last thing I remember him posting about was where some guy was asking (in a round about way) how to hot wire a bike.
dont rev while the choke is on. leave the choke on until you atleast see a temp (starting at 104 degrees) if not longer, depending on how dirty his carbs are you might have to leave the choke on longer to about 115 degrees or so for it not to die. then once its heats up like someone else said to around 130-ish then you can rev it a bit.
Is there something wrong with the fact that his temperature gauge gets up to 223 degrees before the choke is off? I mean-I try to turn it off, but it just feels like it's going to quit on me and actually did die a couple times.
I remember him posting about was where some guy was asking (in a round about way) how to hot wire a bike.
try and put that in the search , i just did and there was only 3 pages "how to hot wire bike" you could try?
Choke should be on until the bike reaches whatever temp after "LO"... This bike header's are probably discolored by now...

Where the hell is Aaron? That bike might need new spark plugs too...

EDIT: Improper use of a " ' " :lol
If I shut the choke off right after the lo light goes off, it will die instantly. Aaron joined the Marines, and is in bootcamp until August 4th now. He was supposed to be done in July, but ended up in the medical rehabilitation platoon with an upper respiratory infection and pneumonia-which in turn delayed his graduation date. He never had any problems with it when he was home, but he was riding it everyday-well, since winter. He didn't get to ride it much at all actually, before he left-because he had to get his bike put back together. I don't know what to do. My uncle's brother owns University Motors, where Aaron bought the bike from, so maybe I'll see if he can come take a look at it or at least just tell me what needs to be done.
Hmmm, that's my Birthday!

Wouldn't your Uncle's brother be your Uncle too :umm

Yeah, have somebody take a look at that bike, something does not sound right... Good luck!
It is my dad's sister's husband's brother. Got that?

Thank you, Scooby-I found him! "84fiero4speed"
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