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Its about time...New R6

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Hi Everybody, I have been Reading these forums for almost a year now and thought its about time i say hey!

Names Jordan from Ab Canada been riding for 5 years now. Got a 2000 R6 in 2001 rode across canada my first year fell in love with the mountains. Moved out here 2 years ago din't really ride last summer... :( long story... lol. Anyway I bought a new 06 R6 Raven and pick her up Friday the 2nd. Sold my 2000 last weekend so i have been bikeless for almost a week! Its been the longest week ever! Ohwell only one more sleep! So that enough of a ramble i guess. I'll post some pics when i get back on monday.

Cheers and happy riding:hattip
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Welcome bud! Post some picks when your pick her up!

banff! i LOVE that place. ever go hiking at saddleback loop?

velcome :D
way to go bro! i've been pluggin away on my '00 steed for quite awhile now. would love to put her out to pasture and do what you did. post em up soon. i'll have to live vicariously through people like you for a while longer.
sideshow said:
banff! i LOVE that place. ever go hiking at saddleback loop?

velcome :D
Slideshow's a vampire, in case you didn't know. "I vant to suck your blood!! Hahaha!" :devilwink

Velcome tu ze R6 forums man, and congrats! I know the bikeless feeling, I went for 3 weeks until I got my 06, man that was horrible, I was an empty shell of a person.
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