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Issue With Chain? Weird noise?

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it is acutally a tight spot ont he chain. i anway i can fix this? i kno about tryign to loosen it but it seems that my chain is already loose. i was about to tighen it cuz i thougt it was a bit loose. does this mean its gone?

I have a 03 r6 with 15000kms.

i have always noticed that it made some kind of weird noise when im riding. it comes and go i cant explain it. its not the yamaha tick. it acutally coems from the chain becuase i can hear it now when i flip my lid open and listen to the rear. i jsut finish lubbing my chain and i noticed that the tire will spin freely and smoothly. but there is a part in the chain where the sound will come. it sounds like a part of the chain is rubbing agasint something. or could it be a tight spot?

its a stock chain stock sprokets.

is it time for a new chain/sprokets?
i asked a mechanic about a month ago and he said the chain was fine.

any help will be grateful
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A lot of wear can happen in a month, it might be time for a new chain. It sounds like what you're saying is, as the chain moves along the sprockets, it makes its usual quiet humming sound but there is one spot where it makes a distinctly different sound each time the chain hits that one spot. Is this correct?
yes thats right. the noise will probably last for a second while its spinning. im guessing 5 inches off the chain?
Tight spot, slacken the chain a tad make sure its lubed properly and remember when you sit on the bike your weight compresses the suspension slightly which in turn uses up some chain free play so make sure there is enough to account for this.

Free play should be 15/20 mm and mesured at the tight spot. If this causes the chain to be excessively loose at the other points the a new cahin and sprockets are needed.
just acutally tested it and theres a tight spot. do i just losen it or?
Just rotate the wheel to the tight spot, best done on a paddock stand and loosen your axle nut. Then undo the chain adjusters a little till the chains bottom run deflects about 20 mm spin the wheel to make sure its not still tight then tighten everything up. Job done.
thanks for quick responses. im gonan do it this weekend.
I had the same type of problem, i kept adjusting it, but it was too warn at 13,000 miles. I had some bad links in the chain. I seriously would just replace it, if it's warn out, no matter how much you adjust it won't fix it.

I had my chain go overnight (or to the point i noticed it)........rode 2 up the day before no noise, then drive it the next day and got a bad noise because a couple links were bad.
im thinking the links may be bad. the chain is already loose yet theres a tight spot.

im planning to get a 520 soon anyways
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