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Is this real?

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I dunno....a Busa? I think the Busa driver was playing catch up from a shit launch, cause that Supra would have to be at low nines to beat him like that.

The thing that makes me skeptical is that the supra lights didn't even flutter. A 9 second supra launches HARD AS HELL, with the front almost in the air. You can see the Busas light doing it, but the supras look stable as ever....fake/staged?

^^A little more believable, but a Busa????
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A stock busa will hold even nicely with a 900hp supra.

A stock busa with a shitty rider will get owned by a 14s mustang.

Odds are it's in between. (And insert laughter for those morons who have to race from a rolling start.)
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