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Iridium spark plugs anyone?

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So i bought a set of iridium NGK CR9EIX's. Gapped and installed them. My bike ran like shit. Bought a set of regular NGK CR10EK's and the bike ran well. I don't know what the problem was. Have they worked for anyone else?

So now I have a set of CR9EIX's with about 50 miles on them. If anyone wants to paypal me $5 for shipping, you can have them.
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Buy a bike that will fit these plugs, it will be easier than finding a buyer on the R6MN.
If I recall, a 2002 or 2003 YZF-R1 will take those.
The problem is that you gapped them. You should never gap iridium plugs
Really? You don't gap iridium plugs? I actually put them in once without gapping them and it ran like crap. Took them out, gapped them, and it still ran like crap.
I was always told not to gap them. Weird that they did not work for you either way though
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