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Introduction time.

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Hello all. Im new to the board. Been riding almost 3 years now. Started out on a CBR600F3 and then moved to a 2001 Yamaha R1 champion edition. I needed a change so I turned to the little cousin the R6. I love the hell out of this thing for reasons you all know cause you got um too. I picked up my 2003 blue R6 for 6400 with 1300 miles on her. I already hit 2k miles and got a few mods up. Enough of my ramblin, here are the pics.:thumbup. My old R1 is in there too.


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:welcome.. are you in California? I see palm trees!
hangin out here in the good ol desert of AZ. Its hot as S#it out here.
:welcome Nice bike!

Where in AZ? I'm moving to Phoenix this summer.
Tempe ASU area. Be ready dude im not riding today its too hot. Got a high of 104 today supposedly.
you make me sick. i mean that in a nice way. you have a beautiful machine there, enjoy the hell out of it!
Thanks guys. Im not really a big fan of Forums this big because of excessive noob posting but im gonna try and work through the "is this a good starter bike" threads and "how to wheelie" threads without cringing too much. :shrug
nice bike! I'm from Tucson, AZ yo. It is Hot as hell! nyahahah I think it's hotter up there in Phoenix but that doesn't stop me from ridin:devilwink . Just make sure to hydrate.. hydrate hydrate. nyahahahah
welcome to the bizZzZoard!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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