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OK, I saw a few threads on integerating the rear turn signals to the LED brake lamps. I also have been putting that off for a while so I decided to go out and try it.

It seems like the only hard part is getting to the LED board and seperating the lens from the housing without screwing it up. A new bulb/lens assembly is $150!!!

I havent tried takeing it apart yet but some looks like the saw is goin to come in handy. Anyone else got a better idea???

Well, I got this far for the wiring. Under the seat are two connectors goin to the back lamps. A four pinn and three pin. The 3 pin is for the brake LED. 4 pin for turn and tag.

wire identification is: 3 pin ----- 4 pin
blk=ground ------------ - ------- blk= gnd
yel=brake lamp ----------- -- -- blu=tag
blu=park lamp ----- -------- grn=right turn
----------- ---------------------- brn=left turn

anyone got any ideas on how to get the lens apart without destroying it and I'll wire it up to work i think for the cheap.

She actually bought it!
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i think the vfx kit just rewires your stock one... dont you have to send it to them?

The only thing special about the unit is the right and left side brake lights come on with one wire trigger, you's need to desolder a connection and resolder 2 in it's place, with a type of relay system in it to switch to blinking if brake lights are depressed...

honestly 80 bucks for a CA is cheap for what youre getting, relatively cheap... oh to get the clear lense cover off use a dremel and slowly trim about 2mm deep around the whole edge, silicon it back... i can send you my old unit [only the circuit board (wires out the back are short)] for like 15 bucks
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