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Integrated Blinker on an '06

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I axed off the fender and put my new one on then proceeded to order the Clear Alternatives integrated blinkers (http://store.58cycle.com/product_p/tail light r6 06.htm).

Taking the tail apart to install this puppy was certinaly a pain in the butt! You have to take the top piece off to get to the taillight assembly, which I found out after starting to dismantle the bottom piece. I made a quick and dirty section on my site of what we did if anyone is interested:

I'll try to get a diagram of the tail section if I have some time. But the blinkers arn't that visable unless you have it on seaizure mode, which is what I left it at.

I attached a few pictures, not the greatest ones, sorry.

Overall I like having the blinkers there and it was that bad of an install. I'd recommend these if you're looking for an alternative to blinkers.


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sweet, i got it too. that peice is easy to take off and put on once you know how . i can do it in 1 min.
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