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I may be selling

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1999 R6 blue and white 25000 miles.
2 bros. slip-on
Led flush mount front signals
L.P. shorty back signals
jet kit
coils out of 2000 R6
520 DID chain and sprocket
Caviler SS break lines blue (2005)
all balls racing tapered staring head bearings
Tank cover
Garden bike cover
I have the stock exhaust, chain, & sprockets.

It has some light rash on the left side from the time I rode off the road into a ditch.
This was not really a crash I just froze up and drifted off the road into the ditch that got deeper and deeper till the bike kind-of wedged in on the left side.

I'm trying to find out what I could get out of it to see if I want to sell it.
I'm thinking 3000.00 but I'm not sure is that high / low?
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thats a good price. do you have picture of it?
that sounds like a very fair price but the problem is i don't know if anybody is going to want to buy a bike with 25000 miles... i wish you luck.
I COULD be interested in this for my first street motorcycle.. I am not sure though.. Your location is the first thing! and i would like to maybe drop the price a little bit but we can discuss that after I find out you dont live in alaska or somewhere crazy like that..
I might be able to offer you a little less, like 2500 depending on what area you are located in
yeah , a 99 with 25,000 miles . $3k is too much, the bike is 7 years old.
I have a 2004 Red R6, 500 miles, flushmounts, tank bra, fender eliminator. I don't have enough free time to ride and i'm buying a house. do you think i could get around 5500 for it. i'm in the midwest
not trying to rain on your parade , but you asked if it was too high. this guy is on this same page.
riding into ditches eh?! yea, sell her to someone thatll show her a good time, other than getting your way w her like some whore and leavin her in a ditch. pshh.
$3000 w 25k onboard, cmon kid. try $2500. its just to bad cuz everyone knows black w flames is the fastest.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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