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I installed my flushmount turn signals and fender eliminator today.

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My hat is off to Gregg's Customs for their lights - they kick ass. The fit is perfect:

I'd now like extend a huge 'fuck you' to Competition Werkes. Their kit is a third-rate hodgepodge of shit that once assembled, looks and fits like the sum of its parts. You would think that for $150 they would do some of the assembly or R&D. Alas, no, they left it up to me. Every edge of their stamped-steel is so sharp that should I ever end up in prison, I will endeavor to give my shank an edge like theirs.

The kit requires an inordinate amount of wiring. The cryptic instructions indicated that they expected me to connect the turn signals and the tag light to a length of CAT5 cable they include using a fistful of butt connectors. They then expected me to hack up the factory wiring harness and use another fistful of butt connectors to connect their dubious wiring to it. Fat chance. I cut the factory connectors off of the lamps I removed and soldered them onto the aftermarket units, then used heat-shink tubing to hide the butchery. Here's my wiring (bear in mind, this was my first attempt at electrical wiring. Ever):

In the above photo, you'll notice that two of the four bolts used to secure their idea of a 'cover plate' under the tail. That's because not one of the four they provided for the job was long enough to make it through the hole with more than one thread exposed. Once that was covered with a washer, there was no chance in hell of it fitting.

Securing the bracket to the swingarm looked like a straightforward affair. The center Allen bolt of the hugger is removed, the bracket's rear flange is inserted between the hugger and the swingarm and the Allen bolt is replaced. I thought, 'This is easy. No sweat.' I could not have been more wrong. there is no direct shot for the bolt and Allen key to screw into the hole. It took me 15 minutes of making quarter revolutions of the key at a 45-degree angle to the bolt to seat it. The whole time I worked on it I sweated like a whore in church, fearing that I was stripping the bolt.

I would say, 'Here's the finished product' but no amount of finishing will turn this turd into a product worth a damn.

A couple more photos. My garage is a mess due to party preparations this weekend.
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:thumbup, looks good man
The paint doesn't match... I like Watsen's better. Sorry man.
props to the flushies but personally i dont feel to strong about the "hugger mount" eliminator style on the 06.
epiphone3 said:
The paint doesn't match... I like Watsen's better. Sorry man.
I thought the same thing. Are they supposed to be black or chrome?
epiphone3 said:
The paint doesn't match... I like Watsen's better. Sorry man.
The paint is not supposed to match because it's anodized aluminum. To each their own. I think the Watsen's look like this: Work Warning.

Nevertheless, I was not looking for your or anyone else's approval. I was merely warning others about the garbage Competition Werkes is selling.
what..... in the hell is that?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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