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I got a lil problem

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I noticed while riding in a big group ride last weekend when I was going a bit slower than usual. At around 35-65mph I get this rythmic vibration that lasts a few seconds then goes away, comes back a few seconds later and so on.

It's like I'm riding over rough pavement, but the road is clear. I can feel it over the whole bike and can't pinpoint if it's coming from the front, back or motor.

I've cut the motor while riding at those speeds and it was still there. I have a good feeling it has to do with the tires I just put on and something on my wheel is not balanced proper.

Before I toss more money into this, does anyone have any ideas it could be? I've checked the rear wheel alinment, but thats all I can think of without balancing the wheel.
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Na.......It's not head shake, way to subtle to envovle a damper
Sounds like it could be wheel bearings. Sometimes they will rattle intermittently when they start to wear. It could be a wheel out of balance, too, that's possible. IF you're concerned about it, take them back to the shop and explain your situation. They will, or at least they should, balance both wheels again for free.

Also check those wheel bearings while the wheels are off. You'll be able to tell if they're sloppy, and if you have enough miles on hte bike you should replace them anyway.
I think it's because it's a KAWI! :lol

Maybe the tires weren't balanced very well? If your rear is in alignment it could be the tires. Also didn't you have race take-offs?
Yeah, it might be that old Kawi problem....damn..haha

I was running take offs and I put them on myself, so I'll have to yell at me in the mirror next time I see him...
Can race tires have a cupping problem? My front was cupped pretty bad and I could feel the vibration just pushing it around the garage!
^ Sounds a lot like your tire is cupped. Run your hand along the circumferance and see if you can feel any variation in the surface. If so, there's your problem right there.

Otherwise, you're probably just unbalanced...your tires, I mean.
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