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Husqvarna SM450R Supermoto!

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This is a 2004 Husqvarna SM450R in the 100th Anniversary scheme. It really is a beautiful bike that is a blast to ride and has roughly 1,000 tame street miles on it. Again, I am selling to buy new photography equipment. This is one quick bike.

Make an offer - All fair offers considered

Bike is located in Olympia, WA which is near Seattle.

[email protected]

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Correct, Post up a PRICE! Read the Guidelines thx
Pricing – The MN is a community of friends, be fair and save yourself from complaints about your prices. This is not eBay, and your items do not go to the highest bidder, put a price on them, this includeds ‘Best Offer’.

rpmr6 said:
i believe you have to post an asking price bro... but nice bike though. i hope it works out for you.

Damn it, had you posted a month earlier I would have bought this. Oh well, no worried I got me an R1100GS :thumbup
Okay, asking $5,000. Sorry about that.
When was the last time it was rebuilt? pm me
Losiracer said:
$4500 shipped?
It's back up for sale again as the last buyer flaked out on me after 2 weeks of telling me he was going to send a check. It's a mint bike without any issue. Runs smooth and very quick. Excellent bike for the twisties or track. First $4,800 takes it, which is an excellent deal for such a bike.
Damn, I really wish you were closer. Good Luck, awesome bike.
For what it's worth, and anyone interested - these are going for $7200 new, and unlike the KTM 450 SMR's these are street legal with no mods necessary.

nice bike - i'd consider it if ya didn't live so far away. i'm currently looking into the possibility of acquiring the 510 SMR
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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