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When I got these things they came with a bunch of screws and no directions but they're really pretty easy to install.

Heres what they give you:

The 2 chain adjusters, 2 little brackets that keep the adjusters flush with the swing arm, a circular piece, and a bunch of random screws and nuts.

First you'll need to remove the rear wheel (and the aluminum blocks), then remove the stock adjuster bolts. All you'll need is the actual axle.

Now find the 2 shortest screws that they gave you. These are going to mount the adjusters in the spot the stock ones went.

Before you install the adjusters make sure you have the right one for the right side. The axle will sit flush in one while the circular piece will fit in the other one.

Once you have the adjuster mounted with the front bolts, find the 4 screws that fit the rear brackets.

This is a blurry pic but the brackets basically keep the adjuster flush with the swing arm.

Now mount the wheel up and slide just the axle through like you normally would.

Notice how the axle lines up with the grooves in the adjuster.

Before you put the nut and washer back on put that circular piece on first, then the washer and nut.

Before you tighten the nut adjust the chain slack and make sure the alignment is right. To adjust, you simply tighten/loosen the screw that points backwards. You'll see the tick marks on the adjusters which make it a lot easier to align than the stockers. Then tighten the axle nut and you're done :thumbup

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Rodes said:
May be a stupid question but the thier main function is making chain adjustments, as well as removing the rear wheel easier?
That is correct. The marks are more accurate then the stock marks, and its also easier to adjust the chain. It also sorta locks the adjusters making that much harder for them to come lose.

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Lobo02R6 said:
can anyone verify if these will fit a 02 R6 ?

I have searched all over the web and still no reference to a 02 so I am curious if the 04's will fit ....
i said so one post eairler:curse
http://www.gillestooling.com/en/produkte/kts/index.php video and colour chooser
this is mine(or it will be when i buy one(it p/shopped))

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Update on 1st gen Adjusters.....

I have scoured the web, and looked everywhere and emailed several distributors direct and everyone says no...

so i went straight to the source and this is what they had to say


The chain adjuster for R6 1998-2002 = KTS-RJ03-* (*=color) and the chain
adjuster for R6 2003-2005 = KTS-RJ05-*.

We have a new distributor for the USA: Tucker Rocky Distributing they will
have them stock soon. Contact: Gerald Peasley [email protected]

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards

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christian mosbach
vertriebsleiter / sales manager
verkaufsabteilung / sales department
21, am scheerleck
L-6868 wecker
fon: ++352 / 267 893-45
fax: ++352 / 267 893-33
email: [email protected]

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I got mine today, thanks to your How To Blueblur my install was a breeze! only problem I ecountered was one of the keepers that go on the back of the adjuster to keep it flat on the swing arm was not threaded all the way, I just hit with a tap and I was good to go.
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