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Well my frame is tweaked and right now I am looking at estimates to get it straightened. If it is too much then I may just end up parting the bike out.

The shop told me it would be around 14 hours labour (at $70/hr) to just take the frame off and put it back on.

I was thinking of doing the work myself instead, but does anyone know how accurate the 14 hours they quoted me is?


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14 hrs! Well... are they saying 14hrs to straighten in? It can be straightened on without removing the engine (www.gmdcomputrack.com)

I figure you can drop the engine in around an hour or two if you know what you're doing... then bolting it into a new frame would be about the same time So, figure 4hrs +/- ...

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A long time ago a member wrote out how to drop the engine. Here's what he had to say:

Okay i will run down the process.

1. Take all the body off, no biggy we have all done this before.
2. Take the tank off.
3. Remove the airbox, might not need to, but helps with clearance.

4. Un hook your wiring harness, I took unpluged everything from the battery box, and layed it across the top of the motor, then you have to unhook the plugs that go to the controls. I unhooked them and hung by the clipons. So now you have all the electrical done.

5. Remove Exhaust, headers and all
6. Remove Reat sets
7. Remove Passenger Pegs
8. Remove Battery Tray
9. Remove Subframe
10. Remove Rear brakes
11. Unhook clutch cable from clutch cover
12. Unhook throttle cables from grip
13. Unhook Choke from carbs

14. Unplug kickstand from motor!!! I FORGOT ABOUT IT, UNTIL I HAD THE MOTOR OUT.
15. Cut your chain and remove it!!! I forgot about this too, until I had the motor out!!!

16. Unbolt the radiatior, I left it attached to the motor, some suggest removing it completely.

17. Then you are ready to drop the motor out. I started by loosening all the motor mount bolts and their pinch boldts. Then I removed the Rear Upper Bolt(the one above the swingarm), loosen the pinch bolt inside (took me awhile and a phone call to ChrisR6 to figure it out), the I took two of the left side front bolts out, then the last one on the left front.

Now I had a guy hold the motor on that side so that it didn't twist. Then I took out the right front bolt. Now the motor will rock forward. So now I have two guys holding the motor so it stays straight.

Then I pop out the bottom back two bolts and the motor is free. A buddy and I hold the motor, this is where we remember that the damn chain is still on!!! We cut the chain here, but you should already have it done. Then you can sit the motor down.

Remeber to tip the motor ahead 2-3 inches before you tip it down out of the frame. Clearence thing! Thanks ChrisR6 for the tip!

The the motor should slide out from under the frame. This is where I realize that the damn kickstand wire is still attached to the motor!! Now the motor is completely free of the bike!!

I took my motor and pluged all the carbs and Exhaust ports with NEW CLEAN RAGS. As to prevent getting any unwanted things in the motor while it sits and waits to return to the frame. I placed mine under a work bench, off the concrete. Completely covered up.

How long does something like this take??? Well it took me awhile, I would say from begining to end I prolly have 6-8 hours into it. I took my time cause I wanted to remember how it all went! Take pictures, it will help you put it back together, the manual I am sure could be of some help. ChrisR6 has told me that he can drop a motor out in 1:30 hours. That what experience will do for you!

I was really surprised at how self contained the motor actually was.

I helps to have a great place to work. I am privleged enough to get to use the shop that I did,(heated to 70 degrees, all the tools I could ever need, and an airlift. I would suggest putting the bike on a lift, I COULD NOT imagine doing this without one, it is way to much stuff to deal with to be laying on the damn ground!!!

Of course swingarm stand is a must, no way around it, when I put it back together in a week, I will be using my new Pitbulls, front and rear (PARTS411 GREAT PRICE RIGHT NOW).

You can do it all yourself, except for the motor removal, be tip is when you are about to drop the motor, double check everything is free, I know I will next time.

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He's not switching the engine. He's switching FRAMES. Gotta strip everything off the old frame and mount back on the new frame. That's a hell of a lot more work. 14 hours estimate may be a little padded, but if you've never done it before I wouldn't be surprised if it took 2 full days.

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Yea, it is more than switchin engines... I would say, if you work on it solid prob a day 1/2 at least if you have some idea what you are doing. You have to switch engines, electronics, forks, shocks, swingarm, etc etc. All of that takes quite some time.
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