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Higher mileage bikes = old????

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How come people start saying that anything over 15,000 miles, the bike is considered old, and to stay away, and to be careful? Why do people say this?

I have a 2K R6 red/white with about 20,500 miles and it's still an awesome, gorgeous bike to me :bowdown It's gonna need some basic tune up stuff, but it still runs pretty good. I'm sure once I take care of a few things, it's gonna run like a champ, if not even better.

Some people make it sound like the bike is worth only 2 grand, and that with the high mileage, there are a lot of things that could go wrong with it?

For some first generation owners, how many miles do you guys have? How's your bike holding up?

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My '03 will turn 40k miles in a few weeks, and no major problems. Cam chain tensioner is the only issue I've had.
Change your oil when you you are supposed to, and take care of any problems quickly. If you hear any strange noises, don't just hope they will go away. I have put just under 40k miles on my '03, and it runs just as well as when it had 10 miles.
1 - 2 of 54 Posts