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Higher mileage bikes = old????

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How come people start saying that anything over 15,000 miles, the bike is considered old, and to stay away, and to be careful? Why do people say this?

I have a 2K R6 red/white with about 20,500 miles and it's still an awesome, gorgeous bike to me :bowdown It's gonna need some basic tune up stuff, but it still runs pretty good. I'm sure once I take care of a few things, it's gonna run like a champ, if not even better.

Some people make it sound like the bike is worth only 2 grand, and that with the high mileage, there are a lot of things that could go wrong with it?

For some first generation owners, how many miles do you guys have? How's your bike holding up?

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'00 r6. 33,000 miles. all i've had to replace due to wear and tear is the shift detent spring & rectifier. a little preventive maintenance goes a looooong way.
i love to hear about bikes that get put to the test. These bikes are meant to be ridden and its quite a shame when it seems like a vast majority of these machines don't survive past 10k miles. props to all of ya'll who keep on clickin off miles.
1 - 2 of 54 Posts