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so the guy that i got my R6 from used it for dragracing.
so the bike was lowered (way too low).
the forks were coming out trough and rear was scraping with just me sitting on it.
i raised it back to stock, front and back.
looking at the rings on the forks, i can see about 6-7 of them i think...
how many were supposed to be showing? also, i was trying to read up and search on all the forums that i can find how many clicks on the dials up there and this and that, so any help with that would be greatly appreciated.

as for the rear, i would assume that he messed with it too, where the shock is, how can i figure out if thats touched or not, and where it should be at?

oooo, and now that its back to stock height, damn kickstand is too low (anyone got one for sale?)

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