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Helmets? What's good?

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jw what a good helmet is.. I currently have a Scorpion EXO-400.... It was given to me when I got the bike and I was told it as a god helmet. I didn't nkow anything at the time, but someone I worked with just asked me what the deal was with it. He's nasty at riding and just gave me soem constructive criticism... He noticed I had good gloves, good jacket, good boots, and then a not-so-good helmet...

What's good? I though my helmet was a little heavy, he agreed that it was VERY heavy. :hyper
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Most people will say you can't go wrong with Shoei, Arai, AGV, or Suomy. They are all top notch helmet companies.

Can't say much about Scorpion, HJC, Icon, etc, but there are those on this board that do ride with these brands and swear by them as well.

But it's your head and your money, but I chose to spend it on quality rather than price being a factor.

Just my :2cents

Also, use the search button and this topic has been covered as well.
Nothing wrong with Scorpion, dude. They're really decent helmets for the price.:)
Hey man, I have a Shoei for sale, BRAND NEW, check it....


Accepting offers, too...
Suomy all the way... very comfortable helmet.
Your buddy that is dogging your helmet doesn't know what he's talking about. The EX-400's are great helmets and at a great price. Probably the best overall value. They come with that trick visor release system, anti-fog shield and a very nice remvoable liner. All for around $150. I know the ex-400 I bought has just as nice of a liner as my AGV XR-2. Lots of cheek padding too. It's even been shown in studies that the polycarboant shell, on say a exo-400, absorbs more imapct and transfers less G-forces on your head than lets say a more expensive fiberglass shell.

But yes some popular and good brands such as AGV, Arai, Suomy and Shoei are known to be qaulity helmets and have a good rep. Their top of the line helmets are all great and come in a bunch of nice racer reps and colors, but most of there lower level and even some those high end helmets don't have the features the scorpions do. :2cents

So I'd be happy with it and if you have $400-500 to drop on a lid you'd probably enjoy a lighter (weight) helmet like an AGV Ti-tech, Suomy Extreme, Arai RX7, Shoei X-11.
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I was wearing an Icon Alliance when I wrecked my Ducati. It was a ~45mph collision into the side of a Yukon. The helmet held up alot better than the bike did. I ended up with a cracked visor and some serious rash up top. All in all, the lid held up so good that I bought another for me and one for my wife. Not to mention they have a color scheme that matches the '05 blue/white/silver perfectly.

-Jason :D
I had an EXO 400, great helmet for the price, yes it is heavy, that is because of its polycarbonate construction, but that is what mainly keeps the price down.
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