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have you ever had this???

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i have had a couple close calls here in the past couple days doing some endos. my front tire seems to skip off the ground and jolt the bike back. the other day i was ridding a little fast behind a car that was stopped hit some stuppid oil in the road bike jumped 10 feet from a skip, and the entire bike almost fell complety over. thank god i had a foot down in time to stop the bike from tipping,( which is prolly a one in ten chance). as well as switching lanes and running into a mild tank slapper because of the oil in the road. looked like an oil spill. any of you have this problem where you live???
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If I were you I would be taking it a little bit easy on the roads of Ashville, or at least don't ride like that in front of a 18 wheeler. (they don't stop very well, from what I hear.)
i am not sure if your being serious or trying to be funny but if at all possible please dont do it. it was not in asheville where this happend. cullawhee, by western carolina. and i do stunts on back roads most of all. and if you read the post i had a little tank slapper while switching lanes. not fucking around.so from what you here this is a crash section and i am no in the mood for coments like your giving.. i ride with protective gear and stray away from traffic as much as possible, asheville has many back roads and is much considered country.....
jvislax32 said:
the other day i was ridding a little fast behind a car that was stopped
just for the record, I'm a nice guy, but the stuff that you have written lately seems pretty unsafe to me. And I have no sympathy for avoidable accidents.
So, what I am trying to say in my own way is, TAKE IT EASY ON THE STREET, RIDE SAFELY. That is all.
How do you ride fast behind a stopped car?? WTF type somthing that makes sense
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