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hard to steer

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I tried taking a practice road safety test and with my bike it just wasn't going to happen. I tried riding my friends 06 and the steering was MUCH more loose than mine. I've been looking at the manual and I think I found what I need to adjust... is there any place I can grease to make it better or do I need to loosen the steering head.

Thanks guys
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no you dont need to loosen the steering head. It is becasue of your frt tire. I will bet your frt tire has a much more square profile then your friends 06
I'm going to say the front tire as well. The thing is probley flat down the middle.
The tire only has about 500 miles on it and looks as if it has even less wear than my friends.
Tires, even brand new, have different shapes according to the brand. That's why it can make such a difference between brands with the feel and stability of the bike.

Additionally, that's why it's not recommended to mix brands unless you know exactly what you're doing.
I'm not talking about when the bike is moving... even when parked moving the handlebars from side to side... it feels way too tight.
what psi u running on ur front tire?
If you're feeling this when not moving, the causes are few.

Damper set tight? Steering head bearings set tight?

Isn't much else.
brand of tire and tire pressure will have big affects on this as well.
best thing for you to do is raise the front tire off the ground and turn the handle bars.
What year bike? Miles? General condition? I'm thinking it's the tire/pressure as well... The steering head bearings can be REALLY tight without inhibiting the handlebar movement at all.
1900 miles 03... good condition
What kind of tires and pressures are you running?
so almost 2k miles on a 60 series tire....I am still saying tire, but put the frt on a head stock stand and see how it feels
colbyrichison said:
1900 miles 03... good condition
to me this rules out bearings. there is no way your head bearings could be worn out with only 1900 miles.
ronjeremy6 said:
to me this rules out bearings. there is no way your head bearings could be worn out with only 1900 miles.
If they were installed incorrectly they'll go bad in an amazingly short time. At that low of a milage it should be still factory stock though, maybe a worker had a bad day?
took it to the dealer today and he fixed it... i guess it was the bearings... thanks guys
:hattip thanks for coming by. i'll be here all week. and remember, the 9:30 show is totally different than the 7:30 show :lol
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