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Happy birthday Chunk

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Your last birthday before Mrs Chunk has a baby and you have to give up the rest of your life. Have a nice time.

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Happy B'day Chunkster and many more of em. :happybirt :beermug

Congrats fella hope you have a really good day.

Happy birthday wee mann.

Happy Beeeday old man.

Big kisses from Mrs SlaYYer and Harvey the SlaYYer Dog too.

(You can have a big hug from me as well).

Love from The SlaYYer Family.


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Happy returns old fella :):):)
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Chunk
Happy birthday to you.
Many happy returns, Phil and best wishes.

Thanks everyone, yes another year at 29 :p

Well, my main birthday treat was the trip to Ireland a few weeks back, but V surprised me this morning with this...

Another one for the collection :D
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that is a truly excellent and thoughtful gift... you got a good lady there matey.
Happy birthday !!!!! :thumbup

hope you have a great day :)
Happy birthday mate

Welcome to the old timer club!!
aw01 said:
Happy birthday mate

Welcome to the old timer club!!
Not long to go now eh Al :p
Happy Birthday big guy!!! :happybirt Any new toys to play with??????
Happy Birthday Phil you old git 29 again ey yep and im 21 next year too lol:happybirt
All the best phil am drinking a beer down here for you as well :hattip

Will email you after doing loads of different shifts over the next couple of days to get 3 days off to work on my 06 r6 :thumbup

all the best you old fart :happybirt
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