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Deezul and I are in the process of (re)writing the rules for the forum.

Here is section 3.5 on Group Buys. It's the same as it always has been but I wanted to check with everything and see if you have any suggestions, comments, complaints, etc.

D and I will then consider adding/modifying to it.

3.5 Group Buys
R6 Message Net is a sponsored forum. We expect other commercial entities will respect our sponsors and their willingness to help us out. In this section, our sponsors will identify discounted prices that they can provide. In some cases, their prices won't be the lowest that you can find, but, in most cases they have great deals. In other cases they have good deals at competitive prices. If you find a price lower by some other vendor who does not sponsor this forum, please do not post the information here.

While we expect that our members will approach our sponsors first with ideas for group buys, if our sponsors are unwilling to conduct a group buy because of the price/margin requested, you MAY arrange a group buy with an outside vendor and YOU may post that group buy here and you may use this forum to run the GB for the members.

3.5.1 Non-sponsor vendors will not be permitted to post in here unless it is a product that our sponsors can not get.

3.5.2 If you want to do a group buy with an outside vendor you must check to make sure the current sponsors do not want to participate or the threads will be deleted.

3.5.3 You must also post a vendor name in the first post. That vendor will be the same until after the buy ends. We will not shop outside the vendors with whom we have made the original group buy arrangements with. Thread jacking of any sort will not be tolerated.

3.5.4 If the vendor does not wish to be contacted until the group buy ends then post that information within the first post.

3.5.5 Posts in this section containing prices from other providers that fall OUTSIDE of these posting guidelines will be deleted.

3.5.6 Include the end date so that other members who may have similar deals in the wings know when they can get their buys started. Once the buy is over edit the thread title to say "OVER" and it will be closed shortly after.
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