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grinding from 1st to 2nd shift

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i have an '00 r6 and recently i have noticed that when i shift from 1st to 2nd, gears tend to grind a little at higher rpms (after wheelies). usually shifts fine at 3-4k rpms but at about 6-8 rpms it grinds. is that common?
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there is a larger gap in the gear ratio and spacing from 1-2


You are begging for the 2nd gear dogs to grind away and let it pop out of gear.
thank you D duck, should i have it looked at or just kinda take it easy on shifting. let rpms settle down a bit.
take it easier on the shifting.

What RPMs are you shifting at to cause this?
R6 Gear Shifting

Hi People, I’ve just brought a 2000 R6 (my first 600), having just brought it I was playing with the 1st gear acceleration, just like yours it grinds when shifting into 2nd at high revs/speed, it does this even if I let the revs completely drop down again, like you stated it seams to be when I hit the higher rev range about 6-8 thousand, at the time of change the bikes doing about 35-40mph, the bike has covered just over 14k and had one owner with FSH etc. so hopefully been well cared for. As far as I can tell it has no 2nd gear jump fault. My old Honda cb 500 had the same sort of issue. Do bikes just do this? Is there anyway round this? Is the gearbox or selector shaft worn? I have mentally noted D Ducks comment and will calm down from now on. Can I open it up properly in 2nd without causing gearbox damage? I noticed member “TheR6onUR6” stated his bike has only just started doing it.??? Or is it when you cracked the wheelie method!!! Your comments would be appreciated! Even if I need tuition on smooth changing of gears! I am no expert in this subject, computers are my speciality!
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I think it really has more to do with how you shift not what RPM you shift at.

I shift at 6k+ all the time from 1st to 2nd and dont grind. I just make sure that I do a firm positive shift quick shift with my foot.
Getting on the bike in 2nd gear isn't going to hurt anything. It's fucking up and not shifting correctly from 1st to 2nd that caused the dog to get worn down...

It sucks, but I shift from 1st to 2nd at around 4k 90% of the time. I also always pre-load the shifter before I make that shift and I have a GP shift rod that helps as well.
Thanks for the quick response! I have been reading quite a few other posts. Like you said I think quick firm shifts should do it. As I’ve only had he bike two days im probably still fine tuning. One post did mention moving the gear shifter down a notch, to allow an instant shift at a better angle. As long as we get some good weather on Wednesday night, I’m off to the Great Bentley meet up. Will see how it goes then! Thanks again.
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