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greetings users of the r6message net forums,

i bought myself a 99 r6 in july of last year and I've been lurking in the shadows looking at how to's and misc tech articles whilst working on mine but the time has come to to step out of the shadows and introduce myself.

as mentioned, i have had the bike since last year but it took my a few months to get the time to go and actually pick it up. the state of it when i put it on the trailer to bring home was the bike was aesthetically clean but not running. as i am a casual mechanic i was working on it when i had the chance with my old bike picking up the slack when i wanted to ride. but as with most things the pull of the r6 started to take hold and now with the summer here starting to come into view the pull is as great as ever so I'm rushing to get it on the road.

when i get the bike registered ill do up a post and document any further work i do to it. i have some ideas and some power goals if i choose to pursue them but ill see how i go for now with a standard setup. well standard with a akropovic slip on.

anyway, thanks for those who have shared their tech knowledge its been immensely helpful in acquainting me with the bike and something i hope i can contribute too as i do like encouraging people to learn and work on their bikes/cars. I've attached a pick of the r6 as i was dropping it into the shop for some carbie love.


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