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I bought this along with an alarm about 6 months ago. I never installed this unit at all. It included the vehicle adapter. I put batteries in the unit and let it set itself up, and I was able to go online and see the location. Here is the link:


Price: $250 Shipped

More info:

When I bought the GPS along with the alarm, it was somewhat of an impulse buy. Shortly after I realized that I really didnt need either system. For information on how the tracking works, please visit the site for the information as it is too long to describe here. Once the unit is sold, I will contact the guy that sells these units, and let him know it has been sold. The buyer will have to sign up at the site, but there should still be some tracking fee's left in the account. The guy that sells them is a biker, and he loves to talk about bikes. He is a really cool guy to deal with, and will be more than helpfull with any questions anyone may have.

I am in So Calif in Chino Hills 91709. If the item is sold locally, I will knock some money off for shipping.
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