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Seems like every time we get on the bike to go out and ride, our iphone is low on charge, or our GoPro craps out in the middle of a recording session.

So we found a solution.


GoPuck Lithium Mobile Charger. A Portable Power solution.

Take it where ever you go to charge all your usb Devices.

Smart Phones
Action Cams... and much more

- Mountable and Wearable, put the power securely where you need it
- Dual USB output: Standard 1Amp and Rapid Charging at up to 2 Amps
- Pocket Sized for Portable Power Anywhere
- 4 LED State of Charge Indicator
- Super Lightweight
- Rugged Design — Shock and vibration resistant
- Includes 40″ micro-USB Active Cable
- Includes (1) Active Mount

- Made by the creator of Braille Batteries.
- Can power most GoPro's for up to 6-8 hrs .. before needing to be recharged
- Charges most Small iPhones up to 4 - 5 times .. before needing to be recharged *
- Charges most Large iPhones & Smart Phones up to 2 - 3 times .. before needing to be recharged *
- Charges most Tablets 1 - 2 times .. before needing to be recharged *
- Charges most GoPro's up to 5 - 6 times .. before needing to be recharged
* Average Charge times based off unit being turned off, or in standby mode

POPULAR USES (take the power with you) :
- Motorcycle Riding (Charge your device while your riding, in your jacket, backpack, tankbag...etc)
- Traveling (airports, trains, bus, subway)
- Airplanes (most of them don't have cig. lighter adapters for recharge)
- Running errands (in and out of the car and stores) Take the power with you.
- Outdoors, hiking, bicycling, walking, Camping, Off Road, SxS, dirtbiking, ATV
- Filming long sequences with your GoPro or Action Camera
- Dr. Office or waiting rooms, surfing the internet to streaming video really drains your battery.
- Mobile power you can take with you nearly anywhere, the possibilities are limitless

WATCH VIDEO for more details:

Click here to see more and Order
>> GoPuck Mobile Charger <<

Please Note: (This Special SALE PRICE Ends this Sunday Night. )

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