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Good ol' CycleGear again.......

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Well the first experience I had with them was a funny one. I was purchasing synthetic oil and the guy came over and asked me if I needed any help. I said "no thanks" and then he proceded to tell me that synthetic oil will damage my bike:( . I've been using synthetic ever since I've had the bike ( 2 years ). I said "O RLY" and he went on and on making a fool of himself in the middle of the store. And just 30 minutes ago I purchased 3 Castrol R4's and a K&N filter and was charged for 1 R4 and the filter:thumbup ( Not complaining about that at all BTW.... ). So this oil change cost me less than $21!!!!! I don't know where they get there employee's, let alone how they train them??? BTW this is the one in St. Petersburg, Fl. Just thought I would share with all of you....:badger :badger :badger
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heh...sounds like the competent ones are all here in San Diego. I've never had a problem with Cycle Gear, I get all my stuff from them. I switched to synthetic oil on my last oil change. I've heard both stories, some guys tell me that synthetic will free up horsepower (which may be true but I'm not a skilled enough rider to be able to tell if I'm getting one more horsepower), and others swear to me that it's gonna blow up my engine.
thats about as funny as the guy at the detroit autoshow looking for the HKS blowoff valve on a Solstice motor....
Sounds like a great salesman. They sell synthetic oil but yet he tells you it is bad for your engine. I've been running synthetic in my 99 forever now and it stills runs very strong with 78,000 on the clock. Some people have no clue.
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