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Hi all,

I have been riding since 1984. Have had lots of bikes including my favorite, RZ350. I just recently (Monday) picked up a long sought after ‘06 R6 50th. I have put about 75 miles on it.

My problem I would like input on from the community is, the dreaded shifting issue. I have gone thru all the threads (well most) and came up with a concern of bent forks. The bike has 4400 miles, clean, no damage., good tires, and short test ride ok. Prior owner put a slip on and sprocket on. Bought at dealer so not much more info. Once I put 30 miles on it and it got up to temp I noticed it would not drop from 3rd to 2nd, then 1st without working it. Dealer allegedly did full service, Pdi. I waited for the bike for 3 hours. I thought it may be clutch, so I adjusted at bars and case. It is engaging fairly smoothly. It does not make a difference. I am not sure what I read about alignment on the dot and case, if that matters.

Any thoughts. Worried it needs transmission work and dealer may put it on me since I did not get warranty and it is used. I can fix most stuff, but not willing to crack the case open.

Thanks for reading.

My past bikes. (I estimated years because who the heck remembers)

1986 Yamaha XT 250
1987 RZ350
1990 Yamaha Blaster
1992 Yamaha Radian
1994 GSxR
2001 Suzuki Sv650 s
2004 Honda Xr650
2006 CBR 6rr
and my 2nd favorite behind the RZ the now R6

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