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getting a leo today!!!! Q's about painting mid-pipe

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Yep title says it all ordering it through the shop i work at should be here tomorrow. getting a factory racing slip on. Carbon of course.

But i was wondering. Has anyone ever painted the mid-pipe on their exhaust?
I want to use some of that high heat stuff but i dont know how well it would turn out. If anyone has done this before please give me some info or some pics.

thanks, ill post pics of the new pipe as soon as its on!
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High heat paint, or I would recommend going with ceramic coating
ceramic coated my micron hm, DEFINETELY ceramic coat your midpipe because it gets extremely hot, www.jet-hot.com is the best, they do clear (turns out a frosty-clear finish) and flat black like i have


How much did that cost you for the ceramic coating?
Yeah how much was the ceramic coating?
Now i want to coat it with that.
I know that shorty does ceramic i have seen his work it was muy bueno!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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