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Gel Battery - Life Expectancy?

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The battery fitted to my '03 R6 is starting to show signs of being knackered after two and three quarter years. It hasn't had the easiest life, it gets left on the optimate for a month at a time, it sits still for most of the week and only really has been used at weekends.

I have researched some previous posts and found some links to new battery suppliers, so getting a battery at a reasonable price isn't a problem. What I am interested to know is whether two and three quarter years is a good or bad life expectancy for a gel battery? How long can you expect them to last with 'normal' regular use? Is there anything that I can do to revive mine cos I would rather not spend the best part of £50 on a new battery if I don't have to.
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Mine lasted just under 3 years before expiring :( I thought that was a reasonable amount of time considering it gets left for most of the winter on an Optimate.
Mine is still the original 1999 used summer and a little during the winter optimate if not being used for more than 2 weeks.
My original '99 battery was still going strong when I sold it in 04.

Never saw a charger in it's life. Just dumped the bike in the garage at the end of the summer, fired it up in the spring.

Batteries are like kids.....spoil them and they'll show off when you least want them to, give them a deprived life and they'll jump at the chance for a day's outing :)
The battery in the 03 onwards is different to the earlier models, and doesnt seem to last very well.

Mine died after only 18 months of use !!!
Mind you , the bikes an 03 on an 04 plate, so the battery could of been a year older.

An optimate didn't have the power to revive it, so I took the battery to a shop (Bristol Batteries) and they put it onto an industrial charger, and walloped about 15Ampres through it ! :hyper !
I half expected them to blow up the battery, but fortunately it worked a treat , and I'm still using the battery now.

Talk to a few battery shops . If it can't be revived, you haven't lost anything coz it's dead anyway.
Good luck!
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