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Took the misses (aka boss) bike for a ride yesterday, after about 250km travelled, it stopped going into gears when requested...
Started from when changing down from 5th into 4th, I had tried blipping on downshift, etc... got to the point, where I was able to down shift, there was nothing on the lever, release the clutch, try again...

Got to the point where nothing worked, I couldn’t move gears up or down… to a point..

So I have looked for some ideas of where to look… have dropped the oil and replaced the filter, however I thought before re-filling, I would check out the Clutch and the gears, however, after a lot of googling it looks like you need to remove the engine, remove the sump, etc… ?

Some forums suggest a Detent spring, however this looks like an older model 1999-2009 : how-to: DETENT SPRING 99-02
Anyone able to assist…
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