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Garaged Raven R6 for Sale

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I started to sell this bike before but then got cold feet when the opportunity arose because it is such a great bike. However, I really am going to sell now because it just does not work for me comfort wise on long highway stretches. Bike has 7K miles.

The bike has a Yosh carbon fiber can, +2 and -1 sprockets but only the front one is currently on the bike. Zero Gravity smoke windscreen, PC-III, custom map by an authorized Dyno Jet Tuner, additional High density foam added to seat for comfort. No track use, no wheelies. Price is $7,200 obo over the next two week period(local ad set to run in NC).

Title in hand.
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where are you, i have 6500 cash, i take it you are across the country, willing to sihp at my expense?
Location is ....

North Carolina, the area known as the Triangle.
Mike04R6 - The Bike is a 2005, the year of the Raven:)

Natedogg - I thought the Triad was Winston Salem-Greensboro-HighPoint right?

I am in the Durham-Chapel Hill-Raleigh area.

Well, it has been nearly two weeks and $6,900 will be the winning offer at this point unless someone wants to beat that price:) Final decision this weekend.
Final Call....

Just wanted to do a final call before the weekend, $6,950 and above takes the bike. Also will consider a trade for a 2005 Kawi ZX6r with nice mods. I seem to have a little more leg room when I sit on these.

Contact me before Sunday at Noon if interested.
dude...just get a corbin seat,you'll be comfy! :whistle
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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