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fuse ? plez HELP!!

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i was just hooking up a new set of 2 wire front turn signals and i was just guessing on the wire colors "trial and error" and before i did the tail light worked fine (no rear signals yet) then after i had tried once or twice the tail light went off completely, no brake or tail lights, and then i never did get anything out of the signals.
do you think i blew a fuse, thats what i was thinking, but i dont know if the tail lights and turn signals would be on the same fuse. does anyone know if they are or what else may be the problem??
if it sounds like a fuse does anyone know where it is located on an '01, and can i just get a new one at auto zone or someplace?
the indicator on the guage never worked either, is that just because the signals arent hooked up??

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Fuse box is under the riders seat, and should have 1 spare of each size already in the box ( unless somebody already used them up and didn't replace them.)

Blue is running light
Green or Brown is turn sig. depending on side
Black is ground
is this the fuse box i need?? in the top right corner?
does anybody know which fuse is the blinkers/tail lights or if they are even on the same fuse??

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