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Just for clarification purposes and what not

Can you explain everything about the VIP (Premium Membership).

Basically, post a screen shot about what looks different, explain the benefits. I think we get a bigger avatar, signature, and more PM space... and the ads can go away... is there anything else that makes it more enticing?

Can we possibly do something else to raise the PM box level ... avatar size and signature size should stay the way they have always been.

As for the VIP section, is there anything special in it, or is just one Topic location where those who have payed can feel special.

...yeah... just clarification on what it is exactly.

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Everything you need to know is on this page, as it explains it all:


Here is a list of what's offered, and my own personal opinion of each:

1) Increased Avatar Size - don't see much use for this as I am fine with our old 90x90 restrictions. Also, I hate forums that let you have this massive avatar that take forever to load and screws up the formatting on the page.

2) Gallery Space Up to 50MB (from the default 5MB) - this is actually pretty handy, especially for those who don't have a dedicated hosting service and wan't to post pictures.

3) Private Message Storage Up to 500 messages (from the default 100) - again, pretty handy is your people are constantly complaining about your inbox being full or if you deal with a lot of buying/selling on the board and don't want to have to constantly delete PM traffic.

4) Colored Username - completely pointless, IMHO.

5) Images Allowed in Signature - don't really understand this one, as this doesn't seem to have affected anyones ability to have pictures in their signature without a Premium Membership.

6) Access to VIP Forum - another rather pointless perk. As of right now, there is nothing to see or do in the VIP section, and I don't forsee it getting much better.

7) Ability to Turn Off Advertising and the Left-Hand Side Bar - for me, this is probably the biggest advantage. Most are able to turn off the ads using blocking plug-ins, however, the info bar on the left side will still remain while surfing the forum. Personally, this is my least-favorite change, as it narrows the screen and makes scrolling much more combersome and individual post much too tall. With this option, you can remove it and the posts will fill the entire width of the screen.

Currently, the only difference between buying the Premium Membership and the "Lifetime" Premium Membership is the price, $15 vs. $40.

These options are part of VerticalScope's requirements, and were not implemented by the R6MN staff. Therefore, we do not see any of the money.

Quag membership/R6MN supporter donations still go 100% to the Air-Fence-Fund, however, we are still working on getting back that functionality and the funds tracker at the top of the page.

Hope this helps, and thanks for the good question.

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^ does this mean that VIP people will be allowed to get really big sigs like other forums? I am wholeheartedly against increasing sig size from the limits that were on the old MN. Surfing other forums I've seen sig sizes that are absolutely ridiculous. I REALLY hope this doesn't happen here.
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