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Full Carbon Akro or Full Micron?

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k so i've decided my 2 choices for exhaust will be the full akropovic with the hex carbon canister or the full micron serpent with the black megaphone. what's everyones opinions??? is there another black muffler exhaust i'm overlooking??
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akra hands down

edit: you overlooked Termignoni, they make wonderful exhaust too.
AKA TI is better.
why does everyone like the akra so much more? i personally hate it cause i think the logo is fugly lol
that sticker comes right off you know,but I leave mine on. Unless you have a aka you will never know-they sound so sexy and don't sound noisy enoth at low rpm's to have cops bothering you.
im a micron man just cuz i own an 03 w the high mount n such. but for your 06 go wit akro. ive always admire em.
anybody here have experience with M4?
I do like my Micron on my 03 but on the 06 it's pretty damn ugly. Akra I'd say of the two. The Devil exahaust looks pretty trick too.
I have an akra on my 05 and love it. It's already been said but it does sound sexy.
I like how they did the 06's also.
didnt mention which year r6 u got i would pick the micron over the akra in 03-05 but i wont go for ANYTHING other than Akra. if it's 06 they look sooo dmn SEXY! W00T W00T!!
what's the difference between the akra evolution system and the race system?
just get the race akra. It is only money right?? Or did you want something else like performance and HP or just looks??
JUnit06R6 said:
what's the difference between the akra evolution system and the race system?
  • evo = Header pipes and can are made of titanium (ultra light, but hard to fix if it cracks)
  • race = Header pipes and can are made of stainless steel (regular light, and easy to fix if it cracks)

the titanium/evo exhaust is usually in the order of twice the price too. Performance is the same for both sets minus the added weight of the race kit.
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