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Fuel Trip light reset

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Has this happened to anyone while riding? The Fuel Trip just resets without you touching it? I was heading home and about 20 miles from home my fuel trip light comes on, which was odd cause I thought I had enough to get home. I checked my trip2 (which I reset everytime I fill up) and it said 105 miles (I usually get 117 miles on a tank before fuel light comes on). I thought this was odd that I got 10 miles less on this tank, and I wouldn't make it home and I'd have to fill up. About 5-6 miles into the Fuel Trip it just resets back to 0.0. I checked my trip2 again and it said 111 miles, which was closer to normal but still odd.

Has this happened to anyone else? I didn't touch either of the buttons, it just reset itself. I'm guessing it took a false reading for some reason?
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Well, I know that the fuel trip will reset it's self once the gas light goes off for 5 miles.
^ Exactly.

Yes, I think I've had this on my R1s over the years.

Happened a couple of times when I'd run the fuel level in the tank down to the point where the low fuel odometer would come on, but the fuel level in the tank wasn't low enough to keep it on in a steady manner.

In other words, it seemed the low fuel warning was fluctuating between on and off.

If you keep on riding, the low fuel warning would probably stay on for good until you either ran out or refilled.
now that you mentioned it, I don't think the fuel light ever came on during the first fuel trip. And that makes sense, cause it reset itself after 5 miles. I was at a constant 80 mph with steady throttle, straight up and down riding, so I wonder why it started in the first place? I do remember the light when it came on during the second fuel trip. I was also wondering why I was getting robbed of about 10-15 miles that tank.
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