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ok as i have said in other threads, due to the technical error with the yamaha online bike contest, i have received two (2) general admission 3 day passes in hand.

i will post a picture once i get my camera working, or if you really don't believe me PM me your cell and i will text you the picture.

Since this race is coming up very soon, i will end the "bidding" midnight July 9th, that should give ample time to mail the package out to california or to whoever buys them in time to get them and go to the race.

Also note that this is going up on multiple sites so it is the highest amount at that time gets it.

Please post what you are offering on the public thread so that it will be easier for everyone, and i will do my best to keep people up to date on the current highest bid.

Also please don't bash me for selling or say anything negative.

Serious inquiries only obviously.

Thank you for looking.
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