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FS- Spidi Proto 1 - 1 piece suit 40US/50 Euro

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For sale is a SPIDI "Proto-One" suit, euro size 50 (u.s. 40). this is a top of the line leather racing suit that retailed at approximately $1300 u.s.

Suit is in perfect condition, as it was only worn about 3-4 times...

There are no scuffs, scrapes, etc as it has never touched the road. the only visible wear is on the kneesliders (slightly scuffed). could pretty much pass for brand new...i've got the original plastic bag and Spidi hanger.

Quality is easily on par with dainese. fits small, so check the sizing chart on the Spidi site www.spidi.it or try one on at your local shop.

Description is as follows:

Designed with the input of top MotoGP and World Superbike racers, the Proto One suit is finest quality money can buy. Created to be the most performance minded suit on the track today, the Proto One is designed for the serious competitor.
The suit is made from 1.2mm Italian leather, fitted with a removable, breathable liner, a full size aerodynamic appendage (hump), and knee sliders. CE certified armor is standard on the shoulders and arms, and the suit is designed to accommodate a back protector. Shock absorbing pads are incorporated on the front and rear of the torso region to protect the ribs, and additional protection is provided by the use of Schoeller Keprotec (a flexible ballistic nylon) throughout the suit. Elasticized joint sections are found in the knees, thighs, elbows, and collar bones as well as on the lumbar and a long section which wraps from the outside of the shoulder to the waist. These sections allow the suit to be surprisingly flexible, enabling rapid and easy movements, despite the presence of the armor. Representing the perfect balance between function and form, the Proto One is a leap forward in racing suit design.

SOLD thanks
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bump for a nice suit....can't believe you're selling it.

go find me something that fits me now FGM. :D
its impossible to find a size chart for spidi

Daredevil said:
its impossible to find a size chart for spidi

sorry about that... try this http://www.ridegear.com/store/sitepages/sizing/Spidi.html
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