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Ok - I live in the Toronto area, I have a 04 R6 i'm getting rid of in the spring (likely buying an 08) and I've got some stuff to sell. All is in good as new condition. Message me if you're interested in anything and I'll send some pics as well as what i'm asking (have to get rid of this stuff so i'll give a good price).

- Carbon Termignoni exhaust (slip-on... I believe this fits 03-05)

- Short Pazzo levers (Gold - again, i believe this fits 03-05)

- Scotts damper MOUNT ONLY (fits 03-05)

- Alpinestars back protector (this has literally only been used once - still in box)

- Bohn armoured/padded pants (not sure if I want to part with these but I may if someone's interested - also used only once or twice, good as new)
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