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FS: Icon Recon Pants Size 32

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Brand new Icon Recon Pants size 32, too big for me. Retails for 80.

$50, shipped

e-mail me @ [email protected] if interested

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ahh..pants didnt fit me..sux to have short legs..

i'll honor the original price - $50 shipped.
^^^ if the pant legs are too long, im sure you can get it hemmed/trimmed at a local taylor
they'll charge me the cost of the pants! no thnx
get mom to do it!
im sure she'll give you a discount :p
lol...my mom stopped doing that shit along w/ giving me haircuts at the age of 12 :(
What length is the inseam? and how tall are you? I am interested if they wont be too super long on me as well. :D
i'm 5 '8...my inseam should be 30"...they're 32"...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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