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FS: Icon Mainframe Rubatone Lid + Icon MotorHead Jacket

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#1 = Gently used Icon Mainframe Lid. This is in Matt black / rubatone black. Bought Approx In December. SIZE M Cost for me was 320USD. Very Good Condition. jsut a bit dirty will clean before selling. Never dropped. Still have retail Box. Comes with both Dark Smoke Visor+Clear. USD230 SHIPPED o.b.r.o ( shipping from Cananda )
pic = http://www.metricbikes-superstore.com/images/mbc/rubbla.jpg SOLDDDD

#2 = Worn 8x Max Icon Motorhead Jacket. This is in size Large 44-46 . It is all black. Excellent Condition. Never been Down. Comes with all Armor / inner lining. Bought for 349USD. Letting go for 270USD>o.b.r.o > 250 SHIPPEd.

pic = http://www.metricbikes-superstore.com/images/mbc/i18219.jpg

Pics are available. I can take em if you want.
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What size/weight are you?? Im 6'2 160.. would the jacket fit??
im 6'1 168. the jacket fits perfectly for me. i doubt 8 pounds will make a difference. this is with the lining off. if u want it to fit pefectly you can put the inner lining back on
helmet is sold. jacket is pending.
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